Why join our Plumber Referral Program?
  • No testing: Premier will take care of all expenses related to the In-Home water evaluation required to make a proper recommendation.
  • No selling: There is no selling on your part. Once you refer the customer to Premier, we do the rest. We educate, demonstrate product, and facilitate sale.
  • No hassle: no stocking of parts, no training programs, no late night or weekend
    service calls, no inventory, no warranty to back.
  • No inventory: Premier maintains a complete inventory of equipment and parts
    which means no tying up of your capital.
  • No risk: Premier will contact customer, set appt., test water, conduct
    demonstration, deliver & install.
  • No Warranty to Back: All warranties are backed by an international company
    servicing over 100 countries and the leader in the industry.
  • Premier provides ALL services and covers ALL expenses associated with water
    filtration equipment.

Give us a call at 508-850-9099 to find out more!